The Importance of Insurance

The Importance of Insurance

5 Types Of Homeowner's Coverage Screenwriters Should Consider Adding To A Policy

Katrina Terry

One of the main benefits of a screenwriting career is having the ability to work from home. Without the need for a standard office, there is normally a room or sanctioned part of the home that is designated as the writing area. Along with getting homeowners insurance for the basic coverages of your home, it's important to consider the property and items that directly affect your screenwriting career.

Instead of taking the loss and starting all over if a disaster strikes, there are five different coverage options you can add to a standard home insurance policy. Each one of these coverages will help keep you protected and limit the number of setbacks to your writing career.

Extra Dwelling Coverage

Even though you may do your screenwriting on your property, it may not be directly in the home. If you keep all of your screenwriting equipment and property in a garage, art studio, or finished barn, then you should consider adding extra dwelling coverage to your policy.

The extra dwelling coverage can insure buildings that are on your property, but not attached to the home. If a tree branch or major flood destroys this dwelling, an insurance agent will have the ability to give you a payment based off the property value. This can help you quickly rebuild your special writing place so you are not dislocated from it for an extended period of time.

New Belonging Coverage

It's doesn't take that much of a fancy computer to be able to type, but screenwriters often need internet routers, webcams, and other devices to help collaborate with producers, directors, and others involved with the movie making process. As you upgrade your screenwriting equipment, the value can be covered through a new belongings policy.

This policy will pay out the current value of the computer or device that you have and then pay the difference once you purchase another new piece of equipment. For example, if your computer is valued at $200 and you purchase one at $600, then the insurance company will pay you the $400 difference.

Identity Theft Coverage

The home insurance that you purchase is not just for physical damage to the home. As a screenwriter, your name could possibly be in the public eye. If any of your personal information is stolen, hackers could use credit cards, access bank accounts, and cost you thousands of dollars. Luckily, a lot of homeowner policies have the ability to had identity theft coverage. You can receive payment for lost money and damages that occur do to the personal information that was stolen.

Contents Coverage

An important aspect of writing is being as comfortable as possible. Your writing area may be filled with a variety of items including leather chairs, standing desks, and special computer chairs for back and neck support. Instead of getting little value if they are destroyed, you can get protection for all your special writing equipment through a contents coverage plan. By registering and submitting all of your furniture to the insurance company, you can have the same pieces replaced if they are destroyed.

Valuables Coverage

If you're lucky enough to have a successful career as a screenwriter, then you will likely collect some awards along the way. A display case full of awards could be full of valuable materials like gold, silver, copper, and crystal. If your home is damaged due to a fire, flood, or hurricane, those awards and their value could be lost forever. By taking out a coverage option on your valuables, then you can have protection for the awards in your home.

Once you receive a payment for the damage that occurred, you can look into getting recreations of the awards that you had. By seeking out the contests or committees that gave them to you, you can find out about the possible reproduction process.

Consider any other extra items that specifically applies to your screenwriting career. Work with an homeowners insurance agent to figure out the best policy and payment plans that are needed.


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