The Importance of Insurance

The Importance of Insurance

Tips When Pricing Your Homeowner's Insurance

Katrina Terry

When you're looking for homeowner's insurance quotes, it's important to be informed ahead of time so that you don't overbuy. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you look for quotes.

What Is the Rebuilding Cost of Your Home?

When you are looking at insurance for the structure of your home, the value should be based on the amount it would cost to rebuild the home, not on the value that you paid for it. The two can be drastically different. For example, the price that you paid for your home could be based on the cost of the land or external amenities, which are not covered by your homeowner's insurance policy. Or, your home could be very old, meaning that the costs of rebuilding a similar style home might be much higher than what you paid for your older home.

To get a good estimate of your home's rebuilding cost, you would need to know the square footage. Then multiple it by the costs of construction per square foot in your area. You should actually call a construction company for this information, since the cost of transporting materials and hiring workers can vary greatly by location.

What Liabilities Do You Have?

You have another decision to make: whether you want to spend your money on insurance, or whether you want to reduce the risk of damage to your home and funnel some money away from insurance. For example, regular roofing services will help you avoid home floods. So will plumbing service. Maintaining your fireplace and chimney and using access control on heating equipment are other ways to reduce risk.

Do You Want Personal Belongings Covered?

A second part of your policy looks at the cost of insuring your personal belongings. This is one area where you could easily cut down the cost of your monthly premiums by electing a low amount of coverage for your personal items.

Do You Want Temporary Living Costs Covered?

You could also leave your coverage for temporary living expenses covered. If you did have a home accident and needed to live somewhere else while the damage is fixed, this insurance would cover your hotel or apartment. But, if you have enough savings to cover this out of pocket, it's one potential way to save on the insurance costs.

What Liability Insurance Is Standard in Your Area?

Liability insurance is one aspect that is usually pretty standard, based on the value of your home and the local requirements for coverage. Get some advice from your insurance agent so that you tick off the right boxes on your insurance quote.

Do You Need Specialty Insurance?

One example of specialty insurance that comes to mind is flood insurance. This may be required in some areas where the risk of flood damage is high. These might be purchased in conjunction with your homeowners insurance policy, but they are sometimes a separate animal.

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