The Importance of Insurance

The Importance of Insurance

Moving To A New City? 3 Things To Know About Car Insurance

Katrina Terry

Are you getting ready to move to a new city? If so, one thing you may not have thought about looking into is your car insurance. It's possible that your car insurance will change based on the location of your new home, and there may be conflicts about what insurance you can use. Be sure to know these 3 things about car insurance when moving.

Notify Your Insurance Provider

It is important that you contact your car insurance provider to tell them about the move. There are many factors that go into car insurance rates, and aside from the kind of car you drive, the location where you live and work is taken into consideration.

For example, your car insurance rates may have been relatively low when staying at home with your kids out in the country. A big move to the city where you will be commuting to work not only puts many more miles on your car, but it also moves you to an area where the potential for an accident is more likely.

In addition, you may discover that you need to find a new insurance provider if you go to a different state. Some insurance providers do not have a nationwide presence, which results in needing to find a new provider that can give you coverage.

Be Aware of Crime Rates

In addition to the likelihood of getting into an accident, your new location can change your insurance rates due to crime rates. Insurance providers pay close attention to the types of crimes happening in the areas where you live and work, and an area that has more property crimes puts your car at a higher risk of something happening to it.

Even if you are moving to a different location within the same city, there can be a huge difference in crime rates. Tell your insurance company so that they can adjust your insurance accordingly.

Prepare To Have Insurance Rates Adjusted

Updating your policy with new information about your home and commute could result in the policy premium being recalculated. Your vehicle records could be pulled, which will result in previous tickets or accidents being taken into consideration. Premiums may go up based on previous incidents that your insurance provider was not made aware of.

On the flip side, a safe driving record, a move to a safe part of town, and a shorter commute could result in lower premiums. You won't know what will happen for sure unless you talk to an insurance agent. Be prepared to shop around if you feel the rates are too high. Contact an insurance agency like Angel Auto Insurance to learn more.


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The Importance of Insurance

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