The Importance of Insurance

The Importance of Insurance

Select A Vehicle, Prepare Your Ride For The Road, And Maintain Your Safety While Driving

Katrina Terry

If you recently passed your driver's test and are all set to purchase a used vehicle from a car lot in town, the following tips will help you select a vehicle, prepare your new ride for the road, and maintain your safety while driving.

Request An Inspection And Have Minor Repairs Made

Take your time browsing vehicles on a car lot and do not feel pressured to purchase the first vehicle that you see. Although a price may be clearly marked on each used vehicle that is for sale, this does not mean that the owner of the lot will not be willing to lower the asking price. After looking over several vehicles and taking them for test drives, ask if you can have your mechanic stop by the lot to briefly inspect the condition of each vehicle that interests you.

During a quick overview, your mechanic may be able to diagnose underlying problems with a vehicle, including worn tires, faulty brakes, or leaky valves. If a problem is discovered and you would still like to make a purchase, speak to the owner about lowering the amount for the vehicle or providing the repairs needed prior to purchasing the vehicle. 

Obtain Insurance And Inquire About Ways To Reduce Payments

Contact an insurance agency to speak with an agent about obtaining insurance coverage. You can set up an appointment to meet an agent in person so that you can provide them with proof of identity, your vehicle's title, and the registration card that you applied for. An agent will make photocopies of the documents and will provide you with a quote for the insurance coverage that you desire.

While at the insurance agency, inquire about savings on policies. For instance, if you maintain a safe driving record for a required amount of time or if you sign up for defensive driving classes and successfully earn a certificate, you may be able to reduce your insurance payments. 

Pack An Emergency Kit And Have Contact Numbers Readily Available

Prepare for each road trip that you will be taking, including short excursions, by packing an emergency kit and storing it in your vehicle's trunk. Just because your vehicle is running efficiently does not mean that you are not going to encounter weather conditions that will decrease visibility and make it necessary to pull off the road for a while. You also need to be wary about other drivers and could wind up involved in a fender bender that could result in you needing to wait for a tow truck to arrive.

In your emergency kit, pack road flares, basic tools, bottled water, and non-perishable food items. Write down a list of contact numbers that you may be in need of while you are out. Family members, friends, your insurance agent, and local tow truck drivers are some individuals to list on your contact sheet, as well as their respective phone numbers. Contact an agency, like Crowel Agency, Inc., for more help.


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The Importance of Insurance

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