The Importance of Insurance

The Importance of Insurance

Things to Know About a Certificate of Responsibility

Katrina Terry

Just because you have gotten away with driving in an unsafe manner, such as speeding well over the maximum limit, it doesn't mean that you should continue the habit. Not only do you put yours and other drivers safety at risk with such habits, but you can get into legal trouble that is difficult to get out of, whether it be minor or major.

One of the minor risks that comes along with breaking traffic laws while driving is the potential for your auto insurance premium to be increased. For traffic offenses such as driving under the influence and causing an accident without mandatory insurance coverage can lead to you needing a certificate of responsibility. Continue to read this article to learn more about the requirement of a certificate of responsibility, also known as an SR-22.

What Does an SR-22 Cover?

An SR-22 isn't actually an insurance plan that offers any coverage for your vehicle. Basically, it is a certificate that proves that you have auto insurance, whether it be liability or full coverage. The only things that will be covered if you have to obtain an SR-22 is whatever is included in your policy with the insurance provider. If you don't have any auto insurance, you would have to obtain the coverage before a certificate of responsibility can be issued. Keep in mind that an SR-22 can have an impact on what you must pay for coverage, as the point of the certificate is to monitor your auto insurance due to you being a high-risk driver.

How Should an SR-22 Be Obtained?

Obtaining an SR-22 might require several steps being taken depending on if your vehicle is already covered by auto insurance or not. If you don't have coverage, your first step will be to pay for a policy. You will then need to proceed by informing your provider that you need to file for an SR-22, as they must fill out the paperwork on your behalf. Once the paperwork has been completed, the insurance provider will send it over to the DMV. The purpose of the filing process is to confirm with the DMV that you have auto insurance coverage.

Is an SR-22 Mandatory by Law?

If you are caught committing certain traffic offenses and are told to obtain an SR-22, it is something that is mandatory by law. You can lose your driving privileges on a temporary or permanent basis if you fail to obtain the certificate of responsibility. Your driver's license can basically be revoked or suspended. To learn more, contact a company like VIP 360 Insurance.


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The Importance of Insurance

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