The Importance of Insurance

The Importance of Insurance

What Add-Ons Can You Get With Your Auto Insurance?

Katrina Terry

When you buy car insurance, you choose the coverage types you want and the amounts. You may want a policy that offers liability-only coverage, or you might want a full-coverage policy. In any case, you can include add-ons with your policy to have more coverage. What types of add-ins do insurance companies sell? Here are some of the most common types that you might want to add to your plan.

Glass Coverage

One option you can add to a policy is glass coverage. Your car has glass windows that could break for many reasons. A common cause of a broken windshield is rocks flying up and hitting it. If you experience a broken window in your car, it can be costly to fix or replace the window. If you have glass coverage, the coverage protects your windows. If one breaks for any reason, you might be able to get a new one for free.

Roadside Assistance

Some insurance policies include roadside assistance without adding it on to a plan. If your policy does not include it, you might want to add it, though. Roadside assistance helps you in several ways. First, you can call roadside assistance if you have any type of car issue, including running out of gas or a flat tire. When you call, they will send someone to help. Your coverage also pays for part of the fee that you incur from the call. Finally, roadside assistance protects you from being stranded in dangerous situations.

Key Replacement

Some insurance companies even offer key replacement as an add-on to a policy. If you lose your car key, you can get a new one for free or for a reduced fee.

Mechanical Coverage

The next coverage to consider adding is mechanical coverage. When you have this, it is like a warranty. You can file a claim if something mechanically goes wrong with your car. The insurance company will pick up part of the costs for the repairs.

Gap Coverage

For new car owners, you should always add gap coverage to your plan. If you total your car, your gap coverage pays for the deficit you might owe your auto lender after settling your claim.

As you read through this list of add-ons, do you want to consider including some of these on your auto plan? If you would like to add coverage to your plan or get a free quote from a different company, contact a car insurance agent today.


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The Importance of Insurance

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