The Importance of Insurance

The Importance of Insurance

Reliable Ways To Get An Auto Insurance Quote

Katrina Terry

Before you buy any auto insurance plan, it's advisable to get an estimate of the amount you will be paying for the policy. This will assist you in planning and making the payments on time so the coverage can offer the financial protection you require.

Generally, auto insurance quotes vary from one client to another. The quote you receive is determined by factors like the car's age, model and make, where you live, your driving history, and car modifications, among other factors. 

Besides, insurance companies use unique formulas when calculating quotes, so no two quotes will be the same. Below are various options to consider when you need to get an auto insurance quote.

Independent Auto Insurance Brokers/Agents

Car owners who want to explore as many auto insurance options as possible without limiting themselves to one insurance provider should get their auto insurance quotes from independent insurance agents or brokers. The agents usually work with several insurers and provide a wide array of policies to consider. Since they work on commission, you can be sure they offer reliable service and advice. 

Brokers differ from agents because they charge a fee and are obligated to share their commission rates with their clients. This promotes transparency, as you will know the amount the broker is earning from you.

Captive Auto Insurance Agents

Another way to get free auto insurance quotes is via a captive agent. These agents work with a particular insurance firm, and their job is to help potential clients pick the right auto policy and provide a quote. 

The agents will also offer professional help if you have complex requirements like several kinds of auto insurance policies or multiple vehicles. So, if you have already chosen the insurance company you would like to work with and need a car insurance quote, you should look for a captive insurance agent.

Online or Over a Phone 

One of the easiest ways to get a free auto insurance quote is online. Most insurers provide free online quotes once they determine your requirements. You are only required to answer a few questions on the website or over the phone, and then they'll get one of their representatives or agents to finalize your quote. 

Most people prefer getting online quotes because the process is convenient, allows customers to compare quotes from various companies, and offers the chance to adjust the policy features to know the final rates. So, consider this option if you wish to buy auto insurance directly from the insurer, and remember you may get follow-up emails and calls.


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The Importance of Insurance

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