The Importance of Insurance

The Importance of Insurance

How Do You Get Your License Back After A DUI?

Katrina Terry

If you lost your license after a DUI, there are several steps you need to take. One of these is making sure you have the right insurance coverage in order to be able to have your license approved again.

How Do You Reinstate Your Suspended License?

Most DUI charges come with a license suspension. The suspension is for a fixed amount of time, but it doesn't end automatically. You need to file paperwork after the suspension period to have your license put back into good standing.

If you need to drive sooner, such as to go to work, you can petition the court to grant you a restricted license. A restricted license allows you to only drive for certain reasons at certain times. You need to meet conditions for the restricted license, like having the right insurance.

Do You Need an SR22 to Reinstate Your License?

An SR22 is a special type of insurance policy that you will probably need after a DUI. Most regular car insurance providers won't approve you for at least a few years after a DUI. The government may also require a special certificate of insurance that only an SR22 policy provides.

If you don't get an SR22, you may not be able to get insurance to get your license back.

How Long Do You Need to Have an SR22?

There are two things that you need to check to figure out how long you need to have an SR22. The first is the legal minimum amount of time you need one according to your state laws.

The second is when other car insurance providers will be willing to do business with you. This may take longer than the minimum amount of time you need to have an SR22.

Is an SR22 Expensive?

An SR22 is expensive because it's considered a high-risk insurance policy. It's not something meant for all drivers or to have for long periods of time.

The value in an SR22 is that it may be the only way you're able to drive after a DUI. If you would lose your job without being able to drive to work, the SR22 is well worth it. The SR22 can also help you reduce your future insurance rates by allowing you to maintain continuous insurance coverage and rebuild a good driving record.

If you lost your license due to a DUI and need insurance to get back on the road, contact a local SR22 insurance company today.


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