The Importance of Insurance

The Importance of Insurance

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Extensive Water Damage Caused By A Leaking Toilet?

Katrina Terry

Did a toilet in your home recently leak and overflow overnight, causing extensive damage to the bathroom and any room underneath it, such as the living room or kitchen? Unfortunately, these situations can arise unexpectedly, but if you have homeowners insurance, you will likely be able to receive help with covering the cost of removing water and restoring the property. Before getting compensation for home repair expenses, you must take a few simple steps to get the ball rolling.

#1. Handle the Current Issue to the Best of Your Ability

If your toilet is still leaking, use the shutoff valve to stop it. You don't want to continue having water leaking out of the toilet, onto the floor, and beneath the floorboards, where it can quickly begin dripping down to the lower floors and causing extensive damage to the walls, ceilings, and floors. You can also start soaking up the water with towels and attempting to dry out the room as best as you can until help arrives.

#2. Reach out to a Plumber

Your next step is to reach out to a plumber for assistance. The plumbing problem may be a simple fix, or it may be something that requires more extensive work. The plumber you hire will visit the home, inspect your toilet, and take a good look at your plumbing fixtures to determine what kind of work you will need the plumber to do to prevent this problem from happening again. You can also find out how much the plumbing services will cost you.

#3. Contact a Public Adjuster

Contact a public adjuster to visit the home and snap photos of the damage. The adjuster wants to capture the extent of the damage to provide evidence to your insurance company to get as much compensation for you as possible. Working with an adjuster helps you save time and avoid the frustration of dealing with your insurance company directly.

#4. Find Out How Much Your Homeowners Insurance Will Pay

After providing photographic evidence and details of the damage to your home, the public adjuster will negotiate with your insurance company, ensuring they're willing to cover most or all of the repair and restoration services you will need due to the leaking toilet causing such extensive damage. Although the public adjuster typically receives a percentage of the total amount, these professionals can often help their clients get more than enough to cover costly repairs.

When experiencing damage to your home due to a leaking toilet that continued overflowing throughout the night, getting a homeowners insurance agency — such as Ronald H. Krupa Insurance Agency — to cover the repair-related expenses is possible. However, before getting help from the insurance company, contact a plumber who can identify the root cause of your toilet problem and a public adjuster who will work hard to get you compensated by the insurance company.


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