The Importance of Insurance

The Importance of Insurance

Revocation Insurance (SR22) And How It Affects Your License, Title, And Registration

Katrina Terry

A suspended license does not look good on your driving record, but a revoked license is even worse. In many states, when a license is revoked, it means that you will not be driving much of anywhere anytime soon. In short, you are forbidden under the law to drive any street-legal vehicle anywhere for a period of up to a year (sometimes two, depending on why your license was revoked by a traffic court judge).

When you have served your sentence and completed your punishment (and paid any fees to the court), you have to renew your license, title and registration. First, you have to secure SR22 insurance. Here is more on that.

Revoked (SR22) Insurance

After your license revocation is cleared and you have paid your fees, the DOT/DMV will NOT reinstate your license, title, and registration without proof of insurance. The really difficult part is that you cannot get any other insurance except SR22. This is insurance specifically for people who have had their licenses revoked and need proof of insurance before their license, title, and registration are renewed or reinstated.

DO NOT go to the DMV/DOT without your SR22 insurance card, AND proof that you paid all fees associated with your revocation case. If you show up to the DOT/DMV without one or both of these documents, you will be turned away. Then you will be forced to return with the documents and wait twice the time it should have taken for this process.

What You Should Bring to the Insurance Agent's Office

To get the SR22 insurance, bring information about the car you will be driving.  Bring your revoked license and court documents showing that you paid your fines and that the waiting period for reinstatement is over. Also, bring at least $500 to $1,000, as SR22 insurance is not cheap, and you will need to pay at least the first month's premium to get the insurance card as proof to present to the DOT/DMV.


Bring everything you had at the insurance agent's office with you, plus what the insurance agent gave you, including the receipt for the policy you purchased. The counter agent will ask for documentation in order, and then have you sit and wait for a new picture for your temporary license to be taken. Then you are free to drive your vehicle again, BUT you must not have your license suspended or revoked again if you do not want to pay through the nose for insurance.


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The Importance of Insurance

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